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A Lange & Söhne Watches

A Lange & Söhne, a famous watch-making family company was established in 1845 and has been responsible for fabulous timepieces, for example the Cabaret, Langematik-Perpetual, Richard Lange and the Saxonia . A Lange & Söhne have meticulously created a stunning range of watches that include the Cabaret, Langematik-Perpetual, Richard Lange and the Saxonia. Watches from the companies stable include the Cabaret, Langematik-Perpetual, Richard Lange and the Saxonia are packed with the latest innovations in watch-making technology to ensure they perform exactly to your needs. For anyone with style and an appreciation of high quality watches, A Lange & Söhne watches such as the Cabaret, Langematik-Perpetual, Richard Lange and the Saxonia are perfect for you.

They are one of the worlds most famous watchmakers and are based in Germany, they are a part of the Lange Uhren GmbH company. Ferdinand Adolph Lange formed the company in Glashutte near Dresden in Saxony, however in 1948 the company was expropriated by the Soviet administration in the post war era. However in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of East German communism Walter Lange (Adolph Lange's great-grandson) re-started the company with some financial assistance and buisness advice from a number of Swiss watch manufacturers including IWC. A Lange & Söhne now belongs to the Richemont group.

The company only produce mechanical watches (they do not make any quartz-driven timepieces) and with the sole exception of a limited number of special editions all A Lange & Söhne watch cases are manufactured from the fingest precious metals as opposed to steel. The company also produces all of its own watch movements in house with it's own techniques and team of horologists. This "in-house" approach allows A Lange & Söhne to pioneer watch-making, the company is responsible for the outright invention of certain innovations such as the double split chronograph and fusee winding system. In 2007 the company produced the first ever watch that had a 31 day power reserve resulting in a unique timepiece that actually only ever needs winding once a month. The companies timepieces are known for having a very distinctive and unique appearence, the number 1 model for instance is completely assymmetrical and has no overlapping components at all, the timepieces produced by the company are often regarded to be far more durable and austere than those produced by comparable Swiss manufacturers. The companies timepieces also often feature completely transparent backs that allow the owner to view the interesting mechanisms moving inside the watch.