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Antoine Preziuso Watches

Standing for quality, innovation and commitment, the range of watches produced by Antoine Preziuso such as the Automaton, City Wear and the Grandes Complications are outstanding. With a background in restoring some of the most exquisite timepieces from museums and private collections, Antoine Preziuso has taken this knowledge into his own designs for example theAutomaton, City Wear and the Grandes Complications . Technical innovation is seen in all of the Antoine Preziuso watches, especially the Automaton, City Wear and the Grandes Complications and this level of genius has created amazing watches.

Antoine Preziuso was born in Geneva in 1957 and was passionately interested in horology from a very early age. In 1978 he was able to pass the entrance exam to attend the prestigious Geneva Watchmaking School. For four years Antoine Preziuso trained as a watch restorer and supplemented his studies and sated his love of horology by practising as a watchmaker. This rounded horological education enabled Antoine Preziuso to gain experience with every individual aspect of watchmaking and when he had completed his studies he graduated with the highest recorded results in the school. Patek Philippe hired Antoine Preziuso in 1978 and for the next two years he proved his qualities by specialising in major complications. He later moved on to open the first workshop for the restoration of collectors' watches on behalf of Antiquorum, one of the worlds leading watch auctioneers.

In 1981 Antoine Preziuso opened up his own workshop in Geneva and his expertise was quickly recognised with many collectors of the finest timepieces entrusting their watches to his care. He was inducted into the famous Cabinotiers de Genève  and as such worked in the creation of 10 high quality commemorative watches for the anniversary of the  Musée de l’Horlogerie de Genève. Antoine Preziuso was also entrusted with the restoration work of many of the great Swiss watchmaking firms so great was his reputation. 1989 saw Antoine Preziuso produce what were at the the the most complicated watches in the world including a watch with a minute repeater and a perpetual calendar. Antoine Preziuso's complicated watches have since been regarded as amongst the finest in the world and he is credited with prompted more major horologists and watch making firms to attempt producing complications for a larger market.

2003 saw the Antoine Preziuso Geneve brand expand to new markets including Russia and the Middle East. Continuing his reputation for working with complications he continued to develop the brand with lots of new features, trends, and a number of ladies watches being produced. In another world first Antoine Preziuso used meteorite materials to craft the exterior of his Tourbillion watches, and since then this has become a signature of the brand. Antoine Preziuso also runs a large number of workshops and art exhibitions with a view to bringing horology and his own unique method of timepiece crafting to the world. The brand is now focusing on growing for the future while maintaining it's independence and remaining self financed.