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Atlantic Watches

Atlantic watches have been enjoyed by those at sea since 1888, with current timepieces such as the Mariner, Seacrest, Seahunter, Seamoon, Seaport, Skipper and the Worldmaster still created using the same traditions and knowledge. Known for their durability, Atlantic timepieces, for example the Mariner, Seacrest, Seahunter, Seamoon, Seaport, Skipper and the Worldmaster, are perfect for any environment and are used by active men and women throughout the world. With classic styles and fantastic materials, Atlantic watches, including the Mariner, Seacrest, Seahunter, Seamoon, Seaport, Skipper and the Worldmaster , come highly recommended.

Eduard Kummer founded the EKB manufactury (later to become the Atlantic Watch Factory) near Grenchen in Switzerland in 1888. The factory was founded with 10 workers and by the beginning of the most recent century Atlantic employed 720 workers; this demonstrates how phenomenal the growth of the company has been. Eduard Kummer was a devotee of industrial progress and the companies growth is due in part to this. Atlantic began by simply manufacturing parts for pocket watches rather than being watchmakers in their own right; they developed this later. Until 1905 progress at Atlantic was slow as work was still completed by the light of paraffin lamps and the factory had no dedicated sources of energy, however the building of a portable steam-machine in 1905 changed all of this and Eduard Kummer was delighted with the process Atlantic was making. Whilst Atlantic seemed to be founded on industrial progress Kummer was not kind to his workers, they had to work eleven hours a day six days a week and those that missed a day were sacked immediately with no recourse. Atlantic produced their first real wrist-watches at the turn of the 20th century, the EKB brand (as Atlantic was then) were part of an emerging industry.

Atlantic were one of the first companies to develop a water-resistant wrist watch in the 1920's. This was what initially prompted the name change from EKB, the company then went on to produce their first wrist-watch with an automatic winding movement in the 1930's. Eduard Kummer went on to develop the speed-switch system for Atlantic as well in the 1960's, this changes the date in automatic movements and to this day has not been changed as the original design was so sound. The current owners of Atlantic Watch Production Ltd resolutely support the importance of manufacturing watches in conformity with the factory’s tradition. In modern times the company has modernised the management of workers and believe that their factory is both a happier and far more productive place because of this. The companies modern watches are durable and resistant but maintain classical aesthetics and are created from noble metals to guarantee their longevity.