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Backes and Strauss Watches

Backes and Strauss are unique among watchmakers, as their timepieces combines a genius for horology with a passion for diamonds which can be seen in the Berkeley, Piccadilly and the Regent. Incredible craftsmanship is seen in every Backes and Strauss piece, and now with remarkable technologies seen in the Berkeley, Piccadilly and the Regent. Whenever the ultimate in luxury is required, anyone with experience of Backes and Strauss and their watches such as the Berkeley, Piccadilly and the Regent will turn to them every time. Known throughout the world of horology for excellence, they can be trusted to provide exquisite engineering in all of their timepieces.

Backes & Strauss were founded in 1789 and are the oldest diamond company in the world. Backes & Strauss have had the honour of having their own jewellery exhibited at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Backes & Strauss also have their hallmark registered in London's Goldsmiths' Hall, this was completed in 1878, and a Backes & Strauss bracelet decorated with a classical Assyrian design can be located in the British Museum. The company operates based on the principle that every diamond is completely unique and they will hand pick the best of the best for you. This obsession with perfection extends to horology where they combine their love of diamons with their skill at watchmaking to produce some of the finest timepieces in the world. Backes & Strauss sort their diamonds into divisions of 0.025mm which is less that a quarter of the width of a strand of human hair. The company prides themselves on understanding exactly what their client wants with regards to the proportions of the diamonds they set in their watches and jewellery. They actually throw away anything up to 55% of each diamond in an effort to find perfection, and they take ten times longer in the process of cutting the diamond than many other diamond companies.

Backes & Strauss believe that horology and diamonds go hand in hand, they consider diamonds fundamental to the design of every watch they produce. Every Backes & Strauss diamond is hand picked from a large batch, and then it is cut and polished to a perfect shape and sparkle. It is then hand set in a watch that is designed around the diamonds; the watch is crafted to accentuate the diamonds that are set into the case and strap. Every watch that Backes & Strauss create is crafted in the Geneva workshops of Franck Muller Watchland, a place that is reknowned for innovative spirit and technical brilliance, and one of the few in the world that still produce all of their own components in-house. Backes & Strauss state that "our watches are a showcase for our diamonds, while the brilliance of our diamonds draws attention to the bold, graceful designs of our watches". Backes & Strauss are certainly one of the finest watchmakers.