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Bedat Watches

Bedat watches are a new company that first displayed its range in 1997 and were greeted with immediate success. Now the range includes the No 1,No 3, No 7 and the No 8 which are fine examples of the quality of these timepieces. Bedat are now owned by Gucci and this is reflected in the exquisiteness of the pieces, including the No 1,No 3, No 7 and the No 8. The Bedat style is timeless and universal, with all watches in the range, such as the No 1,No 3, No 7 and the No 8, being perfecy for even the most exclusive of occasions.

Bedat was founded by Simone Bedat and Christian Bedat in 1996, and as such are one of the newest manufacturers of high quality timepieces. Simone was born in 1931 in Lugnez near Porrentruy and completed an apprenticeship with the Lang SA watch-case manufacturer at the very young age of fifteen. In only three short years Simone Bedat had worked her way up the ranks and was already the head of the sales repartment where she stayed for a decade before leaving to join the Camy watch company in Geneva where she was able to work with Raymond Weil who was later to be appointed Managing Director. Unfortunately the owner of Camy died so Simone Bedat left and joined forces with her former workmate, Raymond Weil, to create the Raymond Weil brand in 1975. Lots of hard work resulted in this brand being named the leading 5th Swiss watch exporter in 1989 with a sales amount of over 130 million francs. In 1995 Simone sold her stake in the company back to Raymond Weil, and the next year she left the firm along with her son, Christian, who was the firms art director. She founded Bedat and Co with her son in 1996.

Christian was born in 1964 and graduated from the HEC buisness school in Lausanne in 1987. Christian then moved on to Hong Kong where he worked for Eco Swiss China Time and headed up the production of Benetton watches. He stayed in Hong Kong for two years before joining Raymond Weil in Geneva in 1990. Christian Bedat worked for Raymond Weil as a purchasing, production and sales expert and gradually began to make the move into the design world before becoming head of the entire design department. In 1996 he left the company with Simone Bedat and set up Bedat and Co. Christian Bedat presented the global concept for the brand at the 1997 Basel show six short months after the brand was created.