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Bulgari Watches

Bulgari design and create the most fabulous watches that boast both style and class, and examples of this include the Assioma, Astrale, Diagono, Ergon, Ipno, Lucea and the Rettangolo. Many of the Bulgari ranges, such as the Assioma, Astrale, Diagono, Ergon, Ipno, Lucea and the Rettangolo,are unique to the company with a very distinctive design. Manufactured with the best quality machinery and with superb precision, Bulgari watches including the Assioma, Astrale, Diagono, Ergon, Ipno, Lucea and the Rettangolo are seen by the world and admired. Bulgari watches, such as the Assioma, Astrale, Diagono, Ergon, Ipno, Lucea and the Rettangolo are known for their accuracy and reliability; attributes that are all essential in any timepiece.

Bulgari watches (occasionally spelt BVGALRI in a means to mimic an ancient Roman style), are an Italian jeweler and luxury goods retailer and are named after their founder, Sotirios Vulgaris. Vulgaris began his career (and his aspirations of setting up Bulgari) when he started out as a jeweller in his home village of Paramythia in Greece where he quickly moved to set up his first store. He later moved to Rome in 1884 when he founded Bulgari. The flagship store and workshop were opened together in 1905 by Vulgaris with assistance from his two sons (Costantino and Giorgio) and the store quickly became the must see destination when the rich and famous were shopping for jewelery designs. Bulgari combined Greek and Roman art to achieve what he considered to be perfection, and although the company was build up around jewellery it is for watches that the company is now recognised for. The company opened up their first international locations in the 1970's with stores in New York, Geneva, Paris and Monte Carlo being quickly established. Today the brand sells from 230 retail locations across the globe and is (almost) a household name.

In 1984 Vulgaris named both of his grandsons (Paolo and Nicola) Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the company and his nephew Francesco Trapani was named CEO. Trapani set up a plan to diversify the brand and this was starteed in the 1990's when Bulgari released a fine perfume line. Under this new leadership Bulgari began to establish itself as a luxury goods brand and provider of the finest things anyone could want. Between 1997 and 2003 the company saw 150% revenue growth, a testament to the new chairman, vice chairman and CEO. 45% of the companies external stock is held by outside investors. In 2001 the brand expanded even further when the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company assisted Bulgari in founding Bulgari Hotels and Resorts. The first hotel was sited in Milan and opened in 2004, the second in Bali in 2006. Bulgari jewellery is so popular and unique in design that it is sadly often counterfeited, however unique Bulgari items contain a serial number that is registered with the company.