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Chanel Watches

The name Chanel goes hand in hand with exquisite design, and the range of watches produced by Chanel, such as the J12, La Ronde, Mademoiselle and the Matelassee , certainly do not disappoint. Innovation is also key to the design of Chanel's range of watches, for example theJ12, La Ronde, Mademoiselle and the Matelassee , and can be seen in every watch produced. Chanel timepieces are created from only the best quality materials, producing a range of watches, including the J12, La Ronde, Mademoiselle and the Matelassee , that are both a precision timepiece and a magnificent piece of jewellery.

The House of Chanel (or more simply Chanel as they are often known) is a Parisian fashion house famous for their clothing, timepieces and fragrances. The history of the company is long and prestigious; Chanel was founded by Micaela Hoo. The first pioneering step that the company took was to revolutionise the haute couture fashion movemtn by replacing the traditional corset with the comfort and elegance of suits and dresses. Micaela introduced a signiture cardigan jacket to the world in 1925 and helped re-define the word "sexy" making it appear sultry and seductive. Indeed the words "Chanel suit" have entered our vocabulary to mean a smart, sexy buisness suit, but it is easy to understand exactly why this term is used when you consider Chanel invented the concept. Elite women from all walks of life began to flock to Rue Cambon to purchase couture outfits from Micaela.

It was Coco Chanel who first decide that the company should market fine fragrances amongst other things, and Chanel No. 5 went on to be an astounding success that is sold commercially today. It was worn by the elitie in both Parisian and London society and this elitist view of the company allowed Coco Chanel to move into the Hotel Ritz in Paris and live there. In 1924 the first costume jewellery collection was launched by the company and it was sold out in record time, Harper's Bazaar described the collection as "one of the most revolutionary designs of our time". In another astounding first (and another piece of nonclementure that would enter our language) Chanel invented the "Little Black Dress" that Vogue described as the "new uniform of the modern woman".

In the 80's many changes took place within the company, it was the year that Karl Lagerfeld was appointed the Artistic Director for the fashion side of the company. He completely changed Chanel's styles so that they were no longer the same predictable lines that had been coming out of the factory year after year. These new eye-catching designs took the world by storm and forged a new era for the company. It was not until 1987 that Chanel produced their first watch to great success, and it was not until the turn of the millenium that Chanel produced their first unisex watch, the J12, a style that has reached iconic fame. Chanel is still popular today because they are consistently reminding themselves of their heritage and using it to fashion new styles and designs. This extends through their fashion lines to fragrances and timepieces.