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Chase Durer Watches

Chase Durer is the brainchild of film producers Brandon and Marianne Chase who both saw the need in the market for a high quality watch for professionals without the hefty price tag. Chase Durer have developed an amazing range, including the Diving and Racing, Ladies, Pilot, Special Forces and the USAF Special Units, that meets even the most demanding needs of their clients. The range of watches available from Chase Durer, for example the Diving and Racing, Ladies, Pilot, Special Forces and the USAF Special Units are perfect for pilots and those in the military, with many features that can help in tough situations. Style is also incorporated into the Chase Durer range, and watches such as the Diving and Racing, Ladies, Pilot, Special Forces and the USAF Special Units demonstrate this well.

Chase Durer was formed in 1997 by a pair of Hollywood film producers (Brandon and Marianne Chase), and the company mission statement decreed that they would design realistically priced, high quality Swiss timepieces with many functions designed for the use of professional pilots, both civilian and military. When laying out their initial designs Brandon and Marianne consulted with many pilots from all walks of life and it was only after this extensive research that the designs made it to the drawing board. The aviation world immediately acknoweldged the Chase Durer timepieces when they were first released as rugged and dependable. All of their needs were incorporated into the timepice but Chase Durer worked to a pricing structure that caused some alarm within the horology industry; Chase Durer had eliminated the huge profits that many other companies demand when producing similar watches. This proved to be a sensible idea as thousands of military and civilian pilots whole-heartedly endorse Chase Durer and their watches, with hundreds of unsolicited reviews at the Chase Durer offices, all of which are excellent. Many can be viewed on the Chase Durer website. They are proud to count repeat buyers in the thousands, and following their success with aviation watches the company has produced a sepcial forces underwater series after once again talking directly to their target audience.

Since Chase Durer produced it's first watch their collection has grown and they now produce a wide range of Swiss watches that are unique in their aesthetic design and also in their price, one must never forget when looking at the price of a Chase Durer that this is in fact the price for a high quality, rugged Swiss watch. The range runs from moderately priced functional models to diamond and 18K gold plated models, there genuinly is a watch for every wrist within the collections of Chase Durer. The company is listed as one of the fastest growing watch manufacturing/distribution companies in the world, and is sold from hundreds of retail sites. The watches that they produce are considered fine precision instruments and are endorsed by the US Naval Academy, West Point and the Air Force Academy.