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Emporio Armani Watches

Emporio Armani watches are for those living an ultra-modern lifestyle and wish to dress with a casual sophistication, and watches including theClassic, Fashion, Meccanico and the Sport reflect this. Designed to be both modern and classical the timepieces from Emporio Armani for example the Classic, Fashion, Meccanico and the Sport, add style to any occasion. Both men and women are catered for extensively in the Emporio Armani collections and this is seen in the Classic, Fashion, Meccanico and the Sport ranges. This infamous company is known the world over for producing excellent watches with precision engineering.

Emporio is a Giorgio Armani brand. Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna. He was trained in medecine and wanted to become a doctor but later discovered a major passion for photography before he was called for national service in 1957. After he completed his national service he went to work in the La Rinascente department store as a lowly window dresser. It is recorded that he was not happy with his job and left in 1961 in order to become a designer working in the fashion industry. Giorgio Armani worked as a fashion designer for nin Cerruti from 1961 to 1970 after which he left in order to become his own manager and work freelance. In 1974 he established Giorgio Armani S.p.A alongside his partner, Sergio Galeotti, who sadly died of AIDS in 1985. The companies initial focus was menswear, but Armani introduced a womenswear line in 1975.

Giorgio Armani is a big fan of the Inter Milan football team, and is also president of the Milan basketball team. Armani are famous for their clothing and timepieces, their clothing in particular is famous for having very clean and crisp lines, this design statement is mirrored in the timepieces that the company produces. He has tailored for many Hollywood names and is particuarly famous for tailoring for Richard Gere in the title role of American Gigolo in 1980. The company also built a mansion on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean and was one of the first designers to ban models who's body mass index was under 18 (anything under 18 is considered unhealthy) after Ana Carolina Reston starved herself to death due to anorexia nervosa. In January 2007 Armani has become the first designer to broadcast an haute couture fashion show live on the Internet.