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HD3 Watches

True genius is reflected in these timepieces with the designers possessing an impeccable eye for detail. HD3 have a passion for design, love of liberty, and the inherent need to excel and this is reflected in their watches, such as the Bi-Axial, Capture and the Idalgo. With fabulous design and precision engineering the Bi-Axial, Capture and the Idalgo ranges from HD3 offer the best timekeeping solutions for many different people. The bold aesthetic design is in high demand, and with only 33 of each of the Bi-Axial, Capture and Idalgo collections produced, watches from HD3 certainly have the horology world talking.

HD3 is a modern company that was formed by Jorg Hysek, Valerie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet. HD3 emphasise style and modern creativity with their timepieces, they produce a wide range of their own complications that they incorporate into their own timepieces.

Valerie is passionate aboute design and trained in the Beaux-Arts in Sion, followed by the completion of a two year apprenticeship in jewellery and watchmaking. She brings this unique combination and art and mechanical knowledge to HD3 and is an invaluable asset to the company. She met the other founders of HD3 when she applied for the designers position at Hysek Styling, a creative agency ran by Jorg Hysek. At only 24 Valerie became an associate and firm friends with Jorg, laying the foundations for the future HD3 company. Valerie was always fascinated by watchmaking because she viewed it as less of an engineering discipline and more of an art form that forces the creator to search for new forms and ideas and innovate whenever possible. When HD3 was created Valerie was an obvious choice and she brought her talents to the company, HD3 allowed her to express herself in total freedom unhampered by the restrictions imposed by any other brand.

Fabrice was a design fanatic even as a 17 year old and he had been a firm follower of Jorg Hysek's stylings and designs for many years. He was bold enough to simply knock on Jorg's front door and offer his services, and Jorg agreed to give him a chance at Hysek Styling (again laying the foundations for the future HD3). It is through Jorg that Fabrice became interested in horology, in 2000 he was made an associate of the creative agency along with Valerie. Fabrice brings his unique bold and artistic background to HD3, he likes to create completely new objects every time he crafts something despite the complex restrictions imposed on horology by the watchmaking world. His style at HD3 has been described as aggressive and athletic and the company allows Fabrice to abandon classical traditions while still remaining true to the core principles of Swiss watchmaking.

Jorg Hysek was a designer who ran Hysek styling for many years until he met both Valerie and Fabrice. The foundations for HD3 for Jorg were laid when he worked for many years with Rolex which inspired a deep love of horology. Indeed he is considered one of the most well known and sought after designers in the watchmaking world. When Jorg founded HD3 with Valerie and Fabrice it was because of a passion for the art of watch making, he is prolifically creative and his products are immediately recognisable and unique. HD3 allows Jorg to create his own identity through his work without being hindered by adhering to a brand specification or limited design style.