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Locman Watches

Today, the Locman Group represents the most important enterprise of the Italian watch-making industry, with a leading company - Locman S.p.a. - whose headquarters are located in Tuscany, on the Island of Elba, and a network of offices in Florence, Milan and New York. The heart of Locman's watches strikes on Elba, in the premises looking on the wonderful bay of Campo, where a team of professionals is working together in extraordinary harmony. Living on an island of Tuscany is their choice of life, friendship and style. Here, close to the seaside, ideas are borne and strategies are worked out, both technical and commercial. But this is not all.

At Marina di Campo, administrative offices, technical laboratories, the quality management as well as the assembly department of the most sophisticated lines, warehouses and logistics are housed in the firm's premises. Further production stages are carried out in Milan, inside the Genesi industrial compound, where a staff of 25 master watchmakers is working in compliance with the highest quality standards. This deserves being considered the most efficient and modern factory of the whole Italian watch-making sector.

Cases and high-tech components are produced inside the laboratories of Materie Future: in a highly sophisticated and protected environment, a team of particularly skilled engineers is devoted to research and working of technologically advanced materials, such as carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and alternative alloys.

Communication strategies and relations with the mass-media sector within Locman are managed by Marchio Giallo, the internal advertising agency of the Locman Group, having its seat in Milan. The LOCMAN site, this site, was designed inside the company, on the basis of ideas and valuable suggestions coming from all over the world, from co-operators, but also from fans of LOCMAN watches who write every day to marchiogiallo@locman.it.