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Paul Gerber Watches

Paul Gerber is an expert in horology and has created a most impressive range of watches that include the Model 33, Retro Twin and the Retrograd. He specialises in new developments and miniaturisation and this can be seen in all the watches produced by him, for example the Model 33, Retro Twin and the Retrograd. This exceptional miniaturisation has also captured the attention of others, with him having an entry in the Guniess Book of World Records! Style and elegance are also important to Paul Gerber and this is reflected in all of his immaculate creations, especially in the Model 33, Retro Twin and the Retrograd.

Paul Gerber was born in Bern in 1950, the capital of Switzerland. His father, a watchmaker himself, trained Phim as a watchmaker-rhabilleur. Paul Gerber lives in Zurich and has established his own watch construction company. Ever and ever the brilliant and highly creative watchmaker Paul Gerber surprises with new developments of complicated mechanisms for his own watches, but also for the ones ordered by world famous watch brands. The wide range of horological masterpieces produced in the Paul Gerber workshop comprises of a complicated miniature wall clock, a wristwatch with retrograde seconds hand and a double-rotor automatic winding system, an own novel escapement with diverging forces and finally a flying tourbillon and further complications, incorporated into an already highly complicated wristwatch based on a movement by Louis Elysée Piguet. Ever since this Paul Gerber watch has become the most complicated wristwatch of the world (Guinness Book of Records).

Paul Gerber is an exceptional watchmaker and his art requires an excellent technical know-how as well as creativity and specific artisanal skills. Manufactures of this class are a synthesis of traditional handicraft and modern techniques. It is therefore the desire of Paul Gerber and wish not only to create the designs on the computer, but also to work at the lathe by himself.