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Quinting Watches

Everything to come from Quinting is incredibly stylish and is certainly a show-stopper, with the The Chronograph "Mysterious Quinting", The Time Only "Transparency" and the The “Mysterious Quardinal” being fine examples of this. Uniqueness and above all high functionality is also essential to Quinting, and all watches that are developed reflect this tremendously, such as the The Chronograph "Mysterious Quinting", The Time Only "Transparency" and the The “Mysterious Quardinal”. Dedicated to innovation, Quinting have also created a completely transparent chronograph, which is an amazing feat of engineering and can be seen in the The Chronograph "Mysterious Quinting", The Time Only "Transparency" and the The “Mysterious Quardinal”.

Quinting began in 1993 as the idea of three Swiss engineers who had a dream to let the world see what fascinated them; the intricate workings of the cogs and wheel within a watch. This led to the desire to develop a totally transparent chronograph. The company is named after the youngest member of the team, Rene Quinting.

The engineers searched for solutions from a range of industries, including the automotive, aeronautical and optical fields. It took seven years hard work , research and development to find the correct materials and processes, but it paid off as it brought to light the first working prototype of a transparent watch. The innovation was not limited to one part of the watch but applied to the whole mechanism entirely made of sapphire crystal, the usual material for watch crystals.

Many technical hurdles were overcome, as all aspects of the watches manufacture could not rely on traditional sources. Quinting are one of only a handful of companies to develop and manufacture their own components, a skill open to only experts in horology. These Sapphire crystal movement types are truly unique, with Quinting holding a wide range of patents covering them. These movements are very simple, yet require a high level of manufacture to give total precision. By developing a system of moving sapphire crystal discs all watch movements can be clear and therefore invisible to the naked eye. With the exception of 7 parts, including the hands, all the components of the Quinting chronograph, numbering 230 and 26 sub-assemblies, are manufactured exclusively for the innovative Quinting Chronograph.

Since the launch of the first transparent watch in 2000 there have been several models including many limited editions, but Quinting is particularly proud of the Dove of Geneva, a limited-edition chronograph that features a pair of doves – a symbol of peace throughout the world. The image of two doves is engraved on rotating sapphire crystal discs in this model. One turns at the speed of the minutes while the other turns at the speed of the hours.
Modern and effective with a brand-new manufacturing method, the chronograph The Chronograph “Mysterious Quinting” is the wristwatch of the future which sheds light and transparency through the darkness of the past. Thanks to its extravagance, it has escaped the classical estimation criterion and projects itself as a reference for the new generation.

Sumptuous and pure as a ray of light, the small-seconds watch The “Mysterious Quardinal" has the same main characteristic that makes all Quinting`s watches so unique. It houses a completely transparent movement made of sapphire, the sacred gemstone, symbol of the divine favour.