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Raymond Weil Watches

Luxury watch-making is key at Raymond Weil and this is seen in all of their watches, including the Don Giovanni, Freelancer, Nabucco, Parsifal, RW Sport, Tango and the Tradition. With some of the best construction in the industry, Raymond Weil timepieces are developed and pieced together to create a stunning product such as the Don Giovanni, Freelancer, Nabucco, Parsifal, RW Sport, Tango and the Tradition. Raymond Weil pay special attention to the ergonomics, refinement and modernity of their watches which is evident throughout the entire range available; see the Don Giovanni, Freelancer, Nabucco, Parsifal, RW Sport, Tango and the Tradition.

Raymond Weil Watches was founded in 1976 by Raymond Weil, an expert in horology with a unique flair for design. Over the past 25 years the company has gained international presence due to the creation, design and color-intensive elements in its designs. Many of the company's watches demonstrate the company founders' love for classical music, with inspiration being drawn from many greats in literature and music. The company has always produced the most elegant of timepieces, most notably the Amadeus collection, dedicated to Mozart and not forgetting the bold Othello collection.

Throughout the late 1980s and into the 1990s, the company grew to be one of Switzerland’s most important watch influences. The company has a strong backbone of their most important beliefs, which are essential in the creation of a stunning timepiece; creation, innovation and evolution. This is seen in every collection that is introduced by Raymond Weil and the superior design is no the trademark of the company.

There are several collections from Raymond Weil that are noted around the world. Parsifal watches create a collection that is a marriage of steel and 18-karat gold watches that was launched in 1991. This collection is continually celebrated and is truly timeless. Valiant, powerful and refined, the Parsifal is a timepiece of symmetry and harmony. Don Giovanni Watches are exquisite from Raymond Weil, comprised of only the best quality materials. A striking design built with tremendous passion, the Don Giovanni is an exciting chronograph thanks to its range of watch cases that have such a dominant design. Tradition Watches are distinctly Raymond Weil, offering the wearer simplicity and elegance in the one timepiece. The Othello collection was first launched in 1986 and then reintroduced to the world in 2001 with a stunning new range. It has a gentle and elegant design that is complimented by exceptional movement types to give a truly astounding watch.

Raymond Weil blends tradition and modernity, technology and art into each timepiece. Raymond Weil watches are sold in more than 86 countries and through approximately 30 airlines as well as the world's largest duty-free outlets. Historically Raymond Weil watches first export market outside Switzerland was the UK followed by the Middle East and the USA. The UK is still one of the largest markets for Raymond Weil Watches.