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Rolex Watches

Rolex create dreams and aspirations for all of their customers, and with a range that includes the DateJust, Day-Date, Explorer II, GMT-Master II, Submariner, and the Yacht Master II it is easy to see why. The amazing quality and finesse that is produced by Rolex instantly makes the customer realise why the company is so highly regarded in the industry, and this impressive range features the DateJust, Day-Date, Explorer II, GMT-Master II, Submariner, and the Yacht Master II. Precision and style are combined perfectly to produce this amazing timepieces for example the DateJust, Day-Date, Explorer II, GMT-Master II, Submariner, and the Yacht Master II, giving them the title of most well known horologists in the world today.

Rolex SA began life in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis. The pair began business by importing Hermann Aegler's Swiss watch movements to England and placed them in quality watch cases made by a range of experts in horology. Wilsdorf and Davis then sold these to jewellers to add their own name and emblem to the dial. "W&D" were usually marked inside the case back.

The name Rolex was officially registered on 15 November 1915 as the company were increasing their drive to develop the popularity of the wristwatch, which was still outnumbered by the pocket watch. The company name was officially changed to the Rolex Watch Company during 1919. It was later changed to Montres Rolex, SA and finally Rolex, SA.

Rolex are well known as the innovators of many of the standards that we now appreciate in high end watches and many limited editions. Rolex began by introducing the first waterproof watch cases that has allowed the development of a wide range of high performance divers' watches. They were also first to introduce the first wristwatch with a date on the dial, leading to the development of one of the most mechanically demanding complications, Perpetual Calenders. Rolex also introduced the first watch to show two timezones at once which was an instant hit with businessmen and helped towards the growing demand and cultural references to Rolex being only for the most successful and rich.

The most important innovation that Rolex has presented to the world is the chronograph. The company hold the record for the most certified chronometer movements in the category of wristwatches and were the first watchmakers to earn the coveted chronometer certification for a wristwatch. Although rarely credited, Rolex participated in the development of the original quartz watch movements. Although the company made very few quartz models for its Oyster line, the company's engineers were instrumental in design and implementation of the technology during the late 1960s and early 1970s.