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Tutima Watches

Tutima are one of the world's leading watch manufacturers and with a range that includes the Classic Line, FX Line and the Military Line it is easy to see why. This impressive demonstration of skill in watch-making is respected across the world and watches from Tutima such as the Classic Line, FX Line and the Military Line prove how many technological advancements can be incorporated into a classical and stylish timepiece. Made from some of the highest quality materials available to ensure their longevity and durability all Tutima timepieces such as the Classic Line, FX Line and the Military Line will withstand the passing of time.

Tutima have a rich history that started out in1845, based in Glashütte, Saxony. Here, a band of apprentice watchmakers began to learn the skill which would lift them from the poverty stricken Erz mountain range. Dedicated to their skill, these soon to be experts in horology developed precision pocket watches that gave the region international recognition for some of the best finely crafted watches in the world. The journey for company was not always easy, and with the outbreak of World War I the demand for finely crafty timepieces fell. Following this period of time, the uncertainty of the market led to the development of less complicated movement types that allowed for both cheaper production and therefore a lower selling price, increasing the market open to them. This concept also lead to the production of a range of fine wrist watches. It was a high end line of these wristwatches, the Tutima, that gave the name to the company that we know today. From the Latin “tutus”, the name reflected the now stable market that the company, with Tutima meaning "safe" or "protected".

This was not to last for Tutima however, with the onset of the Second World War. Up until the very last few months the industry had been safe from bombings and attacks, but May 8th i1945 brought a huge wave of bombings that destroyed most of the region, and taking a large proportion of the watch making heritage with it. Thankfully, Dr. Ernst Kurtz, one of the leading developers and managers from Tutima, had moved just one day before, allowing the horology expertise of Tutima to live on. The importance of the influence and actions of Dr. Kurtz, one of the leading developers of the Tutima wrist watch, is reflected on the dials of many of the most impressive Tutima watches, with the inscription of “Kurtz Glashütte Tradition”.

Once the company was reestablished, thankfully with several of the previous employees that had survived the War, Tutima began several new developments, including many of the now Classic Line Watches. Difficult times still lay ahead, with the advent of Quartz Power Sources, which led to the closure of many European watchmakers. Tutima incorporated many of these companies and are skill working with some of their technologies and developments.

Tutima now enjoy three basic lines of watches, all with a range of development successes and innovations:

The Military Line epitomizes the consistent functionality and robustness of the modern Tutima Air Force Chronograph.

The Classic Line bears the hallmarks of the classic Tutima Air Force Chronograph. These models are characterized by the milled rotating bezel with the red marker.

Streamlined clarity and sophisticated features are the hallmarks of the new FX Line Ref. No. 740 indicates three time zones with a large 24-hour readout from the center of the dial, making it a true world premier.