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Watch Bezel

A watch's bezel is found around it's face and is often used to hold to crystal in place. Bezels can have several uses, with many of them being decorating and providing a different area to include design and decoration. A watch bezel can also be an important feature that is incorporated into a range of functions which are associated with timing measurements. In design, the bezel of a watch often provides an opportunity to add a range of gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires, and this is often seen on ladies watches. Some mens watches also come with highly decorated bezels, and it is common for these to be an added extra to a design of watch. Watch manufacturers that utilise the bezel for decorative purposes include Gucci, Emporio Armani and Piaget.

A functional aspect of a bezel is to use it as a time measuring device, as seen in the Omega Seamaster Watches. The bezel is rotatable and numbered 0-60 minutes with an arrow marker at 0. Some of these watches count down and some count up. If you are using a countdown bezel on your watch you can set it to indicate when a set amount of time is up, ensuring that you time accurately. This is vitally important in scuba diving for example. This function of a watch's bezel is used by many who use the sea or require an accurate timepiece to monitor time. There are also Omega Speedmaster Watches that allow the wearer to calculate their speed based on travel time. The bezel of a watch is referred to as one of the many complications that can be developed for a watch. A range of movement types are utilised to produce working bezels and it takes a master of horology to develop these complex mechanics. Such a degree of complications is often only found on the high end watches, such as the Omega Watches and is often reserved for those in demanding jobs and environments.