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Watch Cases

Watches today are available in a very large variety of styles, and because of this horologists are using all different kinds of materials to produce the most exquisite watches today. Watch cases are usually created from one of a large range of metals, although a combination of metals are often used to give a watch case a fantastic design. The three most common alloys used are for watch cases are high grade stainless steel, eighteen karat gold, and increasingly platinum.

Stainless steel is by far the most common alloy used for watch cases and bracelets today because of its durability and anti-corrosion properties. Stainless steel is a very hard metal which is ideal for producing the case for watches such as pilot watches and sport chronographs where a hard wearing watch is a must. There are a large range of watches that are not as hard wearing, due to the properties of the metal that they are made from. Gold for example is a much softer metal and is often reserved for dress watches. Some well known examples of stainless steel watches include Omega Seamaster Watches and the IWC Watches.

Gold is a very common metal to construct watch cases from, even though as a material it is much softer than stainless steel. Gold watches are seen as a classic style of watch, with the case showing of this exquisite metal beautifully. Gold is actually the second most common metal used in watch making and is regarded as a classic choice for the finest watch cases. Eighteen karat gold alloy can be formulated into three different colors; traditional yellow, pink/rose, or white, and is the most durable of golds; perfect for cases. Classic gold watches now incorporate some of the finest technologies to give finesse and functionality. Thanks to innovations in mechanics of horology many complications can now be included in gold watch cases such as Perpetual Calendars and Moon Phases. Some examples of fine gold watches include the Patek Phillipe Watches and IWC Da Vinci Watches. For the most desirable watches, platinum is used for the creation of watch cases. This metal is extremely rare and is highly durable and very heavy, denoting a valuable and hard wearing timepiece when it is used for cases. Platinum is also popular for watches with many complications, such as Watch Bezels and Perpetual Calendars. Some examples of very important watches that have platinum cases include the IWC Watches.