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Watch Straps

There are many different types of straps and bracelets that can be added to a watch. Most watches have a strap that is included in the design and has been chosen for its aesthetic value. In many cases the choice of strap for a watch is down to personal preference, and this is fine when the watch is not required for its water resistancy or to withstand demanding environments.

Metal Watch Straps
Of all the options for a watch strap metal is the most durable material. A range of different metals are used to produce watch straps and bracelets, including steel, platinum, and titanium. Gold is also used, along with silver. A metal bracelet can last up to 20 years, although the links may have to be tightened or replaced over time. Metal straps are often found on water resistant and environment specific watches due to their durability. Metal watch bracelets are popular thanks to their versatility. They can be dressed up or down and are great for a large range of occasions. Maintenance and cleaning is also very easy. Omega Watches often boast metal straps and this added to the attractiveness of many of their watches.

Leather Watch Straps
Leather straps are also a popular choice when it comes to watch straps and a great example is the Navitimer Watches from Breitling. There is a great deal of variety available with a leather strap, with a range of leathers that can be used as a strap with a variety of colour combinations. Leather straps are also very comfortable, complement the watch and can feel like a second skin. If the watch is used for daily use a leather strap can become worn out rather quickly. Careful care is required in order to prevent the strap becoming too moist and to stop damage from daily wear and tear.

Rubber Watch Straps
Rubber straps are great because they give you the comfort of a leather strap plus some extra durability. There are not necessarily a compromise between the metal and leather straps whoever as a rubber strapped watch is rather difficult to wear for special occasions. Rubber straps are best for utility watches for work and sports rather than a classy event. Many ladies watches also offer extra options, including solid bracelets that have a variety of decoration, such as gemstones and other precious metals, as seen in Gucci Watches. These watch straps are very delicate and are really only suitable for wearing to events and special occasions.